what’s in the mason jar

I’ve finally decided to do a weekly post on “what’s in the mason jar” – which is just another way to talk about the art, food, and adventures I’m loving this week (or month, depending on how often I do them.) These past two weeks has been absolutely marvelous. My cousin got an interview with a couple of Boston medical schools, so he’s been staying … Continue reading what’s in the mason jar

homemade ricotta, probiotic lemonade, and so much more!

I’ve been super MIA lately, I haven’t posted anything on Instagram or my blog in a little over a week and it feels very strange. But hey, I have a legitimate reason why: I’ve been in the kitchen this whole time! It’s due to two things. 1. a ricotta and mozzarella cooking class I took with my friend Andie at Sur La Table. And 2. … Continue reading homemade ricotta, probiotic lemonade, and so much more!

new foodie spot: pvdonuts

I cannot even begin to express how excited I was when I woke up this past Saturday morning. It was finally time to drive down to Providence and get a few of the famous PVDonuts. Rob and I had planned out the entire day based around the donut shop. We’d pick up a few donuts, go blueberry picking in Newport, and end the day at … Continue reading new foodie spot: pvdonuts

portable s’mores (recipe)

I’ve been in the kitchen a lot this week… like a lot. (Or at least it just feels that way.) Besides my usual meal prep, I’ve also starting prepping my morning smoothies. I’ve made ice cream, candied lemon slices, and portable s’mores! Yup that’s right, portable s’mores. So how did this come about? Two reasons. One – I don’t have a gas stove, so making … Continue reading portable s’mores (recipe)

nine-day trip to iceland (itinerary & map)

a lot of people have been asking me to send them my iceland itinerary, so i figured i might as well post it here. my trip was a total of nine days, which was enough time to get around the entire island. however, we did have two extra days in reykjavik, so if you need to make it a seven-day trip, i don’t think you … Continue reading nine-day trip to iceland (itinerary & map)

4 reasons why you should join forum nexus

My most recent trip to Europe wasn’t anything like my usual international outings. I didn’t plan anything besides my flight – which was a (new) super relaxing, worry and hassle-free experience. My mom teaches art history at forum nexus during the summer, which requires her to travel through Europe for five straight weeks. (nothing to complain about there, might I add!) Now what the hell … Continue reading 4 reasons why you should join forum nexus