Eggs Bennie Please

What can make a person happier then two perfectly poached eggs and a couple slices of lox. The answer is nothing. Eggs benedict are the defenition of happiness. Don’t believe me? Fine, your loss.

Let me quickly explain my current situation: I’m abroad in London!!! Enough said, I believe. Abroad life is pretty hectic—and living life to the fullest is difficult with classes in the way. Not going to lie, there has definetly been days where I wake up, go to class, take a long nap to relieve my past hangover, and then go out again. Now where’s the fun in that? (Well don’t asnwer that.) The point is—I need some exploration in my life. Like HELLO, I’m in England. So first thing’s first: find a cute coffee shop—and hey, maybe even get a little work done. So after some intensive “yelping,” I found myself at Tomtom Coffee House having one of the best beneditcs of my life. The rich yellow yoke that slithered out was like my own personal ray of sunshine.

So there you have it. My Insta A Day philosophy born out of a little miraculous breakfast. Four months in a foreign country can go by in a second, and I intend to make every day special.


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