I Should Become An Architect

I’ve always liked the phrase “concrete jungle.” It’s kind of fun don’t you think? Playing around in a mysterious landscape purely built and created out of our own hands. Sure it lacks nature’s beauty—but building can be pretty spectacular as well. Just look at the Eiffel Tower. It’s just metal. Yet we love it so much that we have made it a connotation for romance itself.

Buildings shape us. Or at least that’s what the pamphlet said at the Architecture Reimagined exhibit. How is it that I ended up here? Good question. I had my eye on this exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts for a while. And today, my awesome boss has let me out a couple hours early. (Thanks John!) So here I am. Enjoying my afternoon in a building that’s celebrating buildings. Now that’s trippy. Wondering if I should ditch it all and become an architect.


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