Living In A Cardboard Box…Literally

When I was young, the idea of living in a cardboard box was kind of intriguing. In fact, my sister would spend hours cutting up boxes to build her own little house. And of course, I would follow. A window here—A door there. But as we grew up, we lost the ability to see the fun in it. It was just simply a box.

However, while I was abroad in Venice last summer, I saw an exhibition of furniture made entirely from cardboard. It made me happy, and a little nostalgic to be honest. To my great surprise, this Iraqi exhibition had traveled to London. Naturally, I had to see it again. So I took an hour long bus to the South London Gallery in search of something I wasn’t quite sure of. And there it was. Just as I remembered it. A room—a whole home—built out of cardboard. Just like old times.


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