Pillow Fights Aren’t Just For Little Girls

Have you ever gotten smacked in the face with a pillow? Like actually smacked? Well I can tell you from experience; it’s definitely not how the movies put it.

A couple weeks ago I read about an “International Pillow Fight” at Trafalgar Square. I must admit I was a little confused on how this was going to work. Where people actually going to hit other strangers with a pillow? Was I going to get out of it alive? Or was I going to be the only idiot to actually to show up? But I guess not knowing is what it’s all about.

I woke up this afternoon with butterflies in my stomach, grabbed my pillow on one hand and headed out. The square was FILLED with people in pajamas, costumes, and of course pillows of all shapes and sizes. We lingered around waiting for the horn to blow. From one second to the next, the chaos started. I was suddenly being uncontrollably tossed from side to side. Like a salad I guess. For the record: pillow beatings actually hurt. But I love it. Feathers flying everywhere. Blurry vision. Disorientation. All worth it. For some odd reason, hitting a stranger for the fun of it is a pretty unique and amazing experience.


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