Are Veggie Hot Dogs A Thing Now?

The experts always say it’s important to pair your champagne with the right food. Cheese, crackers, grapes, etc. But have they ever paired it with a nice big greasy hot dog? Thankfully, some very creative people did. Turns out it’s a pretty incredible combination. Sorry France, but London’s got one over you in this round.

Bubbledogs, the amazing restaurant to introduce this odd mixture, is located in London’s soho—one of my favorite boroughs. A couple of friends and I have had this on our “foddie lists” for quite some time. With a little bit of work, we cleared our schedules and prepared for a feast.

We sat down, hungrier than ever and ordered from the menu we had all already memorized. Surprisingly, this genius place offers veggie dogs as well. And I of course HAD to try that. So I went ahead and ordered the Mac & Cheese (veggie) Hot Dog. What can I say? It was UNREAL. For G-d’s sake—it had MAC & CHEESE ON TOP! And the champagne? Well that was just the wonderful cherry on top.


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