Cannoli’s Make Everything Better

The amazing North End is a little patch of Boston that carries some of the best Italian restaurants. While I admit, Italian food in Italy is a hundred times better—nothing can beat a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry (Or Modern Pastry Shop). Side note for the Boston tourist out there, I have some news (or a commonly accepted rumor) for you: both bakeries have the same exact recipe. Why? Well funny story, the owners are brothers. So if you are under a time limit, do yourself a favor and go to the shop with the shortest line.

Coming back from studying abroad in London was a bit sad. I missed having crazy things to experience and do every single day. Now I was back to real life. However, I wasn’t going to let myself or my philosophy down. I would continue making every day special. I knew what had to be done and exactly what I needed to swing my mood back into place. And that was a yummy and incredibly filling chocolate chip cannoli.


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