The Cronut Photo Shoot

The foodies (and basically all of Manhattan) understand the meaning and importance of Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. Let me explain to those you don’t: the cronut was born a couple years back when Ansel’s renowned bakery brilliantly combined a croissant and donut. Get the name now? Great. Now I must admit, I’m such a foodie, but I was very VERY late on trying this new phenomenon. Getting a hold of the original cronut is not as easy as one might think. The bakery only makes a certain amount of cronuts a day and each person can only purchase two. There are a couple ways to attaining this lovely breakfast. One: get in line a couple hours before the shop opens at 8am or Two: bribe a friend to get you one.

I went for option numero uno and woke up with a huge hangover at 6am, determined to get the lovely and extremely caloric pastry. Like planned, I arrived to the bakery a little before 7, stood bored (and tired) in line waiting to be let in to the store. Finally around 8:30 I was sent in. My blood rushing—anxiety and excitement all mixed in. I bought 2 lovely cronuts, a cappuccino and sat myself down in a little table in the small, but very cute, courtyard. Here’s where the fun began. I took possibly around 100+ pictures of this dam pastry as I slowly ate it. Because lets face it, I was totally #eatingitfortheinsta. When I was finally satisfied with my pictures, I finished my cronut and coffee and headed home, knowing that if I died today—at least I had checked off the cronut from my bucket list.


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