Libraries Are So Underrated

Paradise is a nice book on one hand and a warm tea on the other. Wow, never knew that I could sound like such a basic nerd. But I guess I kind of am. I enjoy reading. Similar to an artwork, books let you understand someone else’s perception of the world. But then there are other books—the evil ones: school textbooks. While I agree they’re important to someone’s education, I also must admit that they can be very boring at times.

One of my summer classes stresses the importance of reading our textbook. But lets face it: it’s impossible to force yourself to sit down in a corner and read countless pages, knowing that you could be outside enjoying the sun. Thankfully (for the sake of my education), today’s weather forecasted rain. What does that mean to me? Library day, of course. And what better library to visit on such a gloomy day then beautiful Boston Public Library? Its lion sculptures in the entrance, the medieval-influenced courtyard, and of course the Bates Hall. Now this is my type of place.


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