Self Portraits: The Original Selfie

The recent “selfie” trend is probably one of the best things to happen. (Thank you Snapchat). The ability to take a picture of oneself is revolutionary. But I must admit, taking the right selfie is pretty hard. For the first time in history, the photographer and the model are the same. We are more critical of ourselves than anyone else. Figuring out the angle, lighting, and face expression can take a couple tries.

However, before cameras where invented, artist would draw themselves as their own selfie. Not surprisingly, my drawing professor has left us with the same task. Sitting in front of a mirror jotting down every imperfection is not very ideal. But it’s astonishingly very enlightening. It teaches you to be honest with your drawing, correct the mistakes, and make it the best you can. A self-portrait also allows you to view yourself in a different light. A light with which you could have never seen or understood from a camera roll.


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