A Thrift Shop Just For Books

Truth be told: Macklemore pops up in my head every time I think of a thrift shop. Who doesn’t, really? But as much as I love thrift shops, I rarely buy anything. I guess the idea of wearing a stranger’s clothes is not so appealing to me. But nonetheless, I enjoy going to see my options. Who knows, maybe I’ll find that super-cute-summer-dress I’ve been dreaming of. Or maybe I’ll just find something to entertain myself with for the afternoon.

On the other hand, vintage stores are SO my thing. And old books—well that’s even better. On an isolated corner near the Boston Commons is the amazing Brattle Book Shop, which offers a huge variety of second-hand books.

The outdoor section, which looks (and is) pretty awesome, offers books for $1, $3 and $5. “Like Sh*t, it was 99 cents!” The catch? Well there’s no order—so you have to patiently hunt to find something of your interest. And what did I find? Well to be honest, fate found me. Sounds super cheesy (I apologize). But believe me when I tell you that the first book I opened had a postcard from the 1960’s. Someone from Jordan had sent it to his pal in the US, who at the time was reading this book: “The People of The Covenant.” The handwriting on the postcard is difficult to decipher, but from what I could understand it was explaining how Hebron connects to King David. I must admit: it’s magical what one can find. But like the good nerd that I am, I placed the book under my arm and continued searching for even more gold. A couple hours later I left the store with five books, a $19 deduction from my bank account, and a huge smile on my face.


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