Caution: Birds Bite, Hard

Whoever said zoos are just for young kids are quite frankly WRONG. What’s the issue? Cute animals, some educational elements and a days worth of entertainment; Yeah, I’m all about that. I’ve been dying to go to the zoo for quite some time now, but apparently none of my friends have the time now-a-days (ball of bullshit if you ask me), so I did what I always do—go solo. I must admit: unlike a café, a stroll in the park, and a bookstore, the zoo is not exactly “1-person friendly.” But I simply did not care. So let the kids think I’m a weirdo, who cares. If independent and weirdo are parallel then this new generation is going to have some major issues in the coming years. And well, if the parents think I’m crazy—so be it. If I’ve learned anything in these past twenty-one years of life, it’s one thing: no one cares. Period.

Anyways, back to my day at the zoo: simply put, it was awesome. (well besides the unavoidable animal stench). The best part, of course, was feeding the little birdies. You buy some bird food for a dollar, walk into this cage, open your hand, and a million birds ambush you all at once. Looks a little scary at first, but you get used to it—so much so that you’re even sad when you run out of food. HOWEVER, one thing is for sure, birds can’t exactly tell the difference between the seeds in your hand and your skin. So yes, they bite. And it HURTS.


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