Summertime and Pistachio Tarts

The summer is all about the sun, the tanning lotions and the beach bodies. But how many people can actually say they enjoy all those things? We work, we study, we exercise, but we certain don’t enjoy the wonderful weather. We barely have time to relax. I usually spend my days in class, eating or studying. Not a very exciting workweek. So, in an effort to save my summer, I did things a little different today. I treated myself to a delightful little pistachio pie and some sun.

I can always count on Tatte to make my day better. The little Parisian bakery shop is located on Brookline Ave—dangerously close to me to be frank. They have the best cookies, coffee and tarts. Yes, you heard me right: tarts. Almond, pecan, pistachio—you name it. Not very good for a diet, obviously; but definitely very good for the soul.

I can proudly say I spent the day right. Productive but relaxed. I sat outside, read, drank a refreshing iced latte, and enjoyed a warm pastry. Now this is what I call summer.


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