When Technology and Art Combine

When I think of MIT, I think of math, nerds, and Massachusetts avenue. But I certainly don’t think of art. It’s actually probably the last thing I would think of. They are the left-brains of Boston. What the hell would they be doing on the right side? However, the MIT Museum certainly doesn’t see it that way. In fact, they have various exhibitions featuring artists from the MIT community. This month, the museum is featuring what they like to call kinetic art. Basically moving sculptures. Or robots. So like the good art nerd that I am, I had to check it out.

I was impressed. Well-done math geeks! Each little sculpture moves and dances to create something beautiful and unique. It’s one of those things that are impossible to explain. But I’ll give it a shot: my favorite piece was a small star. The legs of the star move around and ultimately come together to create a tiny chair. It sounds super dull, but its pretty magnificent. The art is the movements.

Back in the day no one though of design as art. But now, more and more people understand the skill it takes to create a striking poster or an interactive website. Art is unlimited. Anything that is attractive to the eye is art. And good looking technology surely falls under the category.


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