False Information Leads to Interesting Adventure

There are times that Internet research fails miserable. Today, unfortunately, was one of them. After experiencing SoWa last Sunday, I was in search for some even more amazing vintage shops. However, I wanted something undiscovered—a gem only few know about. So I googled and read and googled some more, until I finally found something satisfactory. It was in Jamaica Plain of course. Because where else (besides Allston) do all the hipster reside.

Today’s plan was simple: go to 40 South St. and linger around what I thought was a street full of vintage shops. Boy was I wrong. 40 South St. is ONE store, one really small thrift shop. A serious fail to be honest. I wasn’t in search for other people’s used clothes. I wanted old street signs, rusty typewriters and cool lamps. Not this. Definitely not this. I was fooled, and I blame it all on the website.

But like the positive person that I aspire to be, I grabbed my phone and searched for the next best thing—Ice Cream. So I walked around Center St, discovered a JP I hadn’t know before and ended the day with a Mango Lassi ice cream from FoMu. A great voyage, and an even better dessert.


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