Good Things Come In a Skillet

If Foodie is a religion and restaurants are our Churches, then attending Brunch is a very important mitzvah. (One we should always seek to accomplish, if I might add.) Brunch is a time to relax, reunite with friends and eat all the calories you’ve restrained yourself from during the week. Gorge, if you please. Our bibles, the lovely menus at our house of worship, carry a plethora of options to choose from. Every meal can lead you to a new and exciting path. So choose away, let your religion guide you. Or in this case, your crazy cravings and stomach growlings.

For this week’s praying service I went to Cambridge’s Area Four. I needed something to resurrect me back to life after an intense spinning class. So like a good religious girl, I ordered an egg skillet with a bloody Mary on the side. Because let’s face it: there’s nothing better than some great eggs, alcohol and friends for the most notable meal of the week.


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