Drawing Outdoors, Always a Unique Experience

Drawing outside always leads to some interesting stories; especially when you are bound to encounter all sort of different people. Spectators believe you are either asking for money, crazy, or there for their entertainment. For some reason, they overlook the possibility that you just wish to sit there, quietly, uninterrupted to draw the beautiful landscape in front of you. But even with the annoying viewers, there’s something about drawing outdoors that I truly enjoy. There’s a feeling, an inspiration and even an uncomfortable aspect to it that makes me draw better.

Everyone has their muse. And for some reason, mine is buildings. So I’ve decided to draw some of Boston’s landmarks for my final drawing assignment. I began today by sketching Copley Square. While the scenery was amazing, the people, well, where quite particular. But at least I got some fresh berries from the market and a decent rough sketch.

In case you’re curious, here are some of the “wonderful” people I’ve encountered throughout my years of drawing outdoors:

  • The people that stand IN FRONT of you to see what you are drawing.
  • The homeless man that sits down next to you and begins chatting about “that time he was better than Picasso.”
  • The kids that run around you.
  • The people who take a picture of you or your drawing.
  • The mother who breastfeeds next to you.
  • The tourist who drops money into your cup of water.
  • The homeless man that asks if “you wish to talk or draw.”
  • The tourist that wants to buy your shitty and unfinished drawing.
  • The kids that stare at you for an uncomfortable amount of time.
  • The homeless man that thinks you’re homeless too.

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