This Town is Wicked Cool

A city MUST be “walk-able” in order to make it to my top-favorites. What can I say? I love walking. Gwyn Thomas, a famous Welsh poet, wrote, “But the beauty is in the walking—we are betrayed by destinations.” We often don’t have time to stop and smell the roses in our busy lives. We drive, get on subways and cabs, and often forget to look up at the bright blue sky. I hate sounding all romantic, but a stroll in the park can make a huge difference in our days. A difficult and stressful situation can usually be resolved with a nice walk.

I woke up today with a desire to philosophize. Job applications, where I’ll be next year, how this year will turn up…were some of the few questions that was making my head spin. So today I decided to just walk. Get lost. Explore. Boston is small, yet extremely interesting. It is filled with rich history, good food, friendly people and a vast collection of art. The only downfall is the snail-pace T, especially the Green Line. Oh wait, this post is about walking—so never mind.

I walked around he South End jotting down new cafes and restaurants, taking pictures and enjoying the clear weather. And while I didn’t find all my solutions, I certainly found some peace of mind. And did some small cardio. Day well spent.


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