Sinfully Delicious

It is funny to think that the stories we are told as children have a whole different meaning now that we are all grown up. The situations our beloved characters are placed in aren’t simply for our entertainment—but in fact are made to explain a deeper and more complex objective. What am I referring to you might ask? Well what other then the “first story” the story of our beginning, of creation. You guessed it—Adam and Even. But the story of creation isn’t just there to tell us the source of the original sin. In fact, it isn’t even a narrative of the past. The account repeats itself every day of our lives. It is the story of cravings; of wanting more than one can chew—knowledge, power, food, strength, etc.

The famous bible story is taught to use quite simply: they eat the one thing they are forbidden to. A pear. Bet you didn’t think I was going to say that, huh? Truth-be-told: no one really knows what type of fruit came from the Tree of Knowledge. Some Chasidic Rabbis believe it to be a pear; others think it could have been a pomegranate or a date. Interestingly however, they all agree it was not an apple.

Like usual, today I wanted something sweet and decadent, so I decided to sin a little. I sliced a luscious green (forbidden) fruit in half, lathered a tad of butter, sprinkled some brown sugar and a lot of cinnamon and let it bake until it was nice and soft. Ironically, the only thing that wasn’t ‘sinful’ was the pear.


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