The Calm After the Storm

Today’s bright blue sky seems odd to me. In a way, it resembles a summer sky that has awaken from a previous rainy day. As thrown off as I am, I can’t help but stare at this novelty. I can distinctly see the contrast of the snow-covered river and the long cityscape against its royal blue backdrop.

It’s time for spring. I can sense it. I’m off to Miami for Spring Break and I can already feel Florida’s tremendous heat on my skin. Today’s commute was something else—almost as if all of Boston decided to pack their bags and head to the airport at the same exact time. But with the thought of a tropical sun, rest and family, nothing could dampen my day. Not even the Silver Line.


As we depart for Miami I can’t help but continue observing the spectacular sky. After three and a half years of living here, it has finally begun to feel like home. I’m excited for this break, but I also can’t wait to come back and enjoy the spring.


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