Exercising With a View

Summer has arrived and all we want is that beach body, but getting there is way harder than it seems. If you are anything like me, you much rather binge on Netflix than head to the gym. However, I must admit I love to walk everywhere and anywhere. So I made it my mission to walk 10,000 steps (or more) everyday.

But after walking back and forth from Newbury and the MFA, I realized I needed a new route. A route that would be for the sole purpose of walking, without a destination in mind. So I first headed West to Chestnut Hill Reservoir. It’s quiet, away from the city and a perfect place to catch-up with a friend.

My next stop was the Esplanade. While I’ve walked on the Esplanade a million times before, I’ve rarely gone for the purpose of simply walking and enjoying the view. I grabbed my earphones and headed out to one of the best walks I’ve had in a while. Walking is perfect for getting deep into your thoughts or loosing yourself in your surroundings.

I plan on waking up early in the morning to walk along the Esplanade before the heat becomes too much to handle. Let’s see how long I can keep that up for.



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