Let’s Go To Miami

It’s always fun going back home for a little and acting like a tourist. Many people ask how it was to live where people go for vacation. But to be honest, it was pretty normal. I guess besides the occasional beach-going and the fact that it’s always warm.

Here’s a couple tips for when you go to the Sunshine Stat:


This part of Miami is my absolute favorite! Wynwood used to be just a random place stuff in the middle of nothing with a bunch of warehouses. However, in the recent years Wynwood along with the Design District have become the biggest thing since slice bread. The warehouses are now decorated with amazing graffiti done by famous artists. There are also a ton of cool restaurants, cafes and bars down 2nd Ave. This recently new placed called Freshii features nutritious salads and wraps. If you happen to be in Miami on the second Saturday of every month make sure you don’t miss the Art Walk! All the galleries and warehouses open up, two dozen food trucks come, and the area gets poppin’.




I always feel like North Miami never gets enough love nowadays. If you have some time and aren’t too far, I suggest to stop by Hollywood Beach. You can rent bikes there and ride around the beautiful boardwalk. Or if you’re looking for a more quiet place to relax on the sand, this is the perfect spot. I usually take my bike up north early morning in the morning, bike for an hour, jump in the ocean to freshen up, get a cup of joe, relax and go home when I’m ready.


Key Biscayne

People don’t usually come down here unless they have an apartment or a house here, but there’s a lot of fun things to do down on this little island. This beach has by far the best view of the city.


Key Biscayne is also home to the old Marine Stadium. It’s been closed for years, so many graffiti artists have taken this as an opportunity to display their art. People love to visit at it is a great instagram opportunity, and a possibly a chance to catch some famous singer filming a music video there. However, rumors say they will be closing it pretty soon–so make sure it’s still open to the public if you go over there.


Miami Seaquarium

If you’re already in Key Biscayne, or near by, head over the Miami Seaquarium for a fun-filled day. The adult ticket is pretty pricey (around $42). So make sure to make it a whole day event so you can get your money’s worth. The dolphins are absolutely adorable, and you can watch them play for hours. And by the way, they have great food options like pizza and dip-in-dots!




South Beach

Of course, the place to be in Miami is South Beach! I’m sure you’ve heard it all–from LIV to the beaches to Lincoln Rd. However, I’m here to suggest something a little different: Barton G. This restaurant is by far the coolest thing around town. Every meal comes on a crazy plate and wild decorations. I don’t want to ruin all the fun–so I’ll just post a picture of the 7 Deadly Sweet Desserts. Besides the decorations,  the food is very yummy as well. Go for a special occasion or just for some drinks!

7 Sweets

IMG_8176  IMG_8185

Brickell (Dowtown)

There’s a lot to do in Downtown–specially when dealing with food. The best restaurant, bar far, is Zuma. And lucky us, the owner of Zuma just opened up a new place called Coya. It’s a Peruvian inspired menu with a good bar in the front and a private VIP lounge for members only. There are also a couple good bars like Blackbird and some other places in Brickell Village. Brickell Village is a small shopping center with great restaurants and a big movie theater. Check it out if you’re in the area.

IMG_8112 IMG_8057 IMG_8110










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