Making a Tortilla Espanola

A Totilla Espanola is a great breakfast. It consists of two simple ingredients that will keep you up and ready for the rest of the day: potatoes and eggs. However, preparing this dish takes quite some time–a huge downfall. All the recipes online allowed for at least two hours (between cooking the potatoes and letting the ‘omelet’ sit in the oven). So I decided to wing it and create my own recipe.

I made a few holes on a sweet potato and popped it in the microwave for 5 minutes. While that was cooking, I scrambled two eggs in a bowl and added salt and pepper. In the meantime, I drizzled some olive oil on a small iron skillet and put it over medium heat. Once the sweet potato was done, I cut it into small little chunks and tossed it on the iron skillet. Poured the eggs over it and let it do its job.

Once the tortilla was set halfway, I flipped it so the other side could get cookin’ as well. By doing it this way, I saved myself more than half the time waiting for it to cook in the oven. And hey, it turned out just as good.

Here’s the full recipe, if you wanna give it a go! (Double click to enlarge the photo). Let me know how it turns out.

Tortilla Espanola


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