Creating Your Own Acai Bowl

The other weekend I went over to Longmeadow, MA to visit a couple friends. One afternoon, as we were hanging out deciding what to do next, my friend’s dad burst into the house with a car-full of Costco goodies. As we took out box after box, we realized he had bought the perfect ingredients for an acai bowl. We weren’t really into any of the recipes online, so we created our own. We took some frozen bananas, strawberries and blueberries, acai juice and nut butter and plopped it into this retro/super cool blender they had at the house. We tasted it and added whatever we thought it needed more of. Then we poured it into our bowls and neatly laid out fruit on top.

And then we obviously took well-lit pics and posted it on Instagram. Because if we didn’t Insta, it would be as if it never happened.


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