Check Out These Cafes

Fuel America

Fuel AmericaThis coffee-shop probably has one of the smartest names in the coffee industry. Because let’s face it–we use (and frankly, need) coffee to fuel up and be productive, just like a car uses gasoline to continue moving. While this place is very “Boston College,” I encourage all to take a little trip down there and visit it. Try the Nutella/peanut butter toast–you won’t regret it. It’s an awesome place to get work done as it provides a lot of natural light and a lot of seating.



From the people who brought us Barismo comes this lovely coffee-shop located in the heart of Cambridge. These baristas know how to make a great cup of joe. Perfect place to study or catch up on some reading. Be sure to try some of their seasonal macaroons, they have a perfect consistency and unique flavors that are hard to find anywhere else. Want to know more? Check out my past post!

Voltage Coffee & Art

Voltage Coffee & ArtTheir coffee and sandwiches are just what you need to get inspired, get some work done or even strike up a conversation with a stranger. The place itself is lovely; vibrantly white, modern and dozens of featured art throughout. They like the idea of being the “unofficial living room of Kendall Square.”  Oh, and  did I mention they offer beer and wine as well?

Wired Puppy

Wired PuppyOriginally a Cape Cod coffee-shop that is conveniently located in the heart of Newbury Street.  A very cute coffeehouse for both man and dog. Wired Puppy features some awesome coffee, a variety of ‘milk’ options and snacks for your pet! They offer two desktops free to use with free wifi! They also sell some pretty awesome merchandise for you or your bestie.

Flour Bakery

FlourThis cafe/bakery, scattered in four different locations around Boston, features some of the best baked goods in the city. Joanne Chang, the founder and original baker, actually beat Bobbly Flay in a throwdown when competing with Flour’s amazingly chewy yet crunchy sticky buns! Their motto, a quite good one if I may say, is: “make life sweeter, eat dessert first.” Lucky for us their savory food is just as good.

Caffe Bene

Caffe BeneThis delightful Korean chain has finally come to our neighborhood! While I don’t usually encourage chains, this one in particular is a must. Their bingus’s (a shaved-iced dessert with red bean paste and fruit toppings) are huge, spectacular and great to share with a friend. Their coffee is always on spot, honey bread and waffles always sweet and their sandwiches always fresh.


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