new foodie spot: paul in downtown boston

The famous and amazing french pastry chain has finally come to downtown Boston! They opened May 11 and are now officially in full force. The medium-sized restaurant is tucked away underneath the very tall BNY Mellon Center at One Boston Place. PAUL features great on-the-go sandwiches and baked good, casual indoor and outdoor seating as well as a full-service restaurant. It’s opened seven days a week from 6:30am to 9pm.

    Paul Outdoor Seating

Words cannot describe my excitement for this bakery. Wondering why? Well, they have my absolute favorite pastry–a big ol’ pistachio macaroon. NOM NOM NOM. This can get real dangerous for my health, real fast (uh oh).


I must admit I took this place for granted while growing up in Miami, where there are two PAUL’s in the mall nearest me. But then, when I went abroad to London for a summer, PAUL became a whole different thing. I ate lunch there every single day. What can I say? It was conveniently right next to my school AND the Tube stop. Plus, their food is truly delicious.


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