Some Pretty Groovy Sculptures

Arlene Shechet: All At Once @ ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)

This pretty large exhibition at the ICA shows 20-years of Shechet’s art. The exhibition slowly develops and paces through the different phases of her work.

Influenced by Buddhism, she began sculpting and plastering a variety of Buddha’s. She later experimented with her student’s work along with old porcelain pieces. Over the years her approach to clay developed into something truly unique. Her most recent sculptures (and the ones she is famous for) display whimsical clay characters on top of re-used materials. Besides this temporary exhibit, her work belongs to many permanent collections around the US including, but not limited to, the RISD Museum, LACMA and the Whitney Museum.

It’s definitely an exhibit to see! Her work will be displayed until September 7th. Bring the whole family along, the kids will love the weird clay figurines.


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