new foodie spot: boston public market

The much-awaited Boston Public Market has finally opened on the edge of Downtown and the North End. It resembles many international markets like Barcelona’s Boqueria Market or Budapest’s Nagy Vasarcsarnok. Although, I have to admit, Boston’s Market is much smaller.

When you first walk in (through the Hanover St entrance), you are immediately greeted with Bon Me and a farmer’s shop with beautiful sunflowers and fresh vegetables. As you begin to walk inward, the space opens up revealing many more shops and several seating areas. Much of the “stores” are Massachusetts’ based. Like the Boston Honey Company, American Stonecraft, Appelton Farms, and many, many more. Mother Juice, the not-so-famous health restaurant and juice bar, which opened near Kendall Square and closed just recently, now has a huge line at it’s shop in the market. They offer freshly squeezed and cold pressed juices, acai bowls, chia seed pudding and a variety of salads. The market gives companies with big and small fan-bases to reach an even bigger audience. Speaking about fans–Union Square Donut is also stationed in the middle of the market! (It’s been featured multiple times here on AFA: check out Boston Donut Hunt and how it all started here.)


The place was popping on it’s opening day this past Thursday. It’s such a perfect place to get some groceries or a quick bite to eat. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything savory, so had a big almond fudge ice cream from Crescent Ridge instead. I sat on a bright yellow table and enjoyed the typical “market commotion.” It’s a perfect edition to the city, good job Boston.


Taza Chocolate: Originally from Somerville, they bring delicious stone ground, organic chocolate right to our doorsteps. The owner was so inspired by the intensity of chocolate in Mexico, that he decided to make his own factory to bring the real taste and benefits of cacao to America.

Nella Pasta: This handcrafted and freshly made pasta, originally from Boston, has a small shop in the corner of the market. Their Corn, Caramelized Onion & Thyme Ravioli won the 2015 Sofi Award!

Cookbook Exchange: The Boston Public Market offers a wonderful cookbook exchange right in the center of the market. It’s a great idea to change-it-up in the kitchen and create something new. Leave a book and take a new one! They already have a ton of options, thanks to donations from local chefs and authors.

Boston Public Market Store: Are you so in love with the market that you NEED a tote bag with their logo? Or do you need a basket to carry all your fresh fruits and veggies? Well, they have a small little “store front” right near Red Apple Farm!

Red Apple Farm: Besides their luscious apples, they also have their famous small apple cider donuts for sale. Plus, you can even watch them make their donuts through a little machine and eat them nice-and-warm.

The Boston Public Market is opened Wednesday-Sundays from 8am-8pm. It’s located on 100 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02113. 


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