JFK’s Library and Museum

Did you know every US President after Roosevelt gets their own “library and museum?” Well, apparently they do. The Presidential Libraries Act says that they must fund their own and then the government will pay for the upkeep. A presidential library might sound a little boring, but it’s really more of a museum to commemorate the presidents. Lucky for us who reside in Boston, JFK’s is right around the corner. It’s a wonderful place to visit and learn some valuable stuff.


The super modern building was designed by none other than I.M. Pei, who also designed the famous glass triangle in the Louvre. When you first enter the area, either by car or by the T, you are faced with a tall white building. You can either join a tour or walk around the museum by yourself. I suggest taking the “highlights tour,” which only takes a little over an hour and a half. The tour goes through the large museum and points out the important parts of each section. The museum goes through Kennedy’s whole life, beginning with his childhood, focusing on his presidency, his tragic death and finishes with an overview of his achievements.


Once the tour is over, you are lead to an open glass-covered area with a huge American flag hanging from the ceiling. Great picture moment, that’s for sure. The museum has an incredible ocean view, which can be enjoyed from some picnic tables or just by walking behind the building.

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