Hiking Just Outside of Boston

The summer gives us a perfect opportunity to get our workout clothes, some comfy shoes and head over to the mountains. Wether you’re an experienced hiker, or just looking for a nature stroll, the Blue Hills Reservation is a THE spot.

A friend and I decided to head over here last Friday on a search for some breathtaking panoramic views and a good exercise. The easiest way to get there is definitely by a car, rent a Zipcar if you must, or even share an Uber with a big group of friends. It’s definetly a place to check out before it starts getting cold again.


We downloaded and printed a couple maps and guides and headed on our adventure. We decided to take the challenging red-dot trail but ended up going through the green and blue as well. The trails aren’t perfectly marked to be honest. But hey, all roads lead to Rome.


It was a wonderful hike: we spotted a deer and got a big ol’ smoothie to rewards ourselves afterwards. Next time, I’m definitely jumping into the refreshing and cool “beach” pond.

Some helpful Blue Hills Reservation links:


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