Finally Found My Favorite Cafe 

I’ve been searching long and hard to find my absolute favorite coffeeshop in Boston. While I love so many, it was Loyal Nine that finally stole my heart. Sure the location isn’t amazing, but that’s probably what makes it even better.


I’m all about the details, and apparently so is Loyal Nine. Firstly, their delicious pastries are served in beautiful and unique ceramic plates. Their iced coffees and ice teas are served in tall glasses, their hot ones are poured into handmade ceramic mugs and their Nitro (cold brew + nitrogen) is now on tap.


They also have extremly yummy food. Considering their restaurant (attached to the cafe) is well known for their modern-American cousine and unique cocktails. They have free wifi and a large patio facing the railway. As well as couple small tables and two long benches in the middle. I highly suggest spending an afternoon here.




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