Manuka Honey and Its Benefits

A couple months ago my dad came back from London with 5 jars of Manuka honey. Oddly enough, this didn’t seem odd to us at all. You see, he’s obsessed with honey. Like, obsessed. But this one in particular seemed different.


A little about Manuka honey:

  • It has to have a UMF 10+ level of antibacterial activity to be considered a superfood
  • The best kind (and I think the only real kind) originates from New Zealand
  • Take 1 or 2 tablespoons every day.
    • If you’re not down to swollen it by itself, put it on toast or in your yogurt

According to my dad and a hefty amount of research on my part, Manuka honey (10+) has amazing benefits. Check them out:

  1. It’s good bacteria (similar to yogurt’s), reduces acid reflux, balances your digestive system, and reduces colon inflammation (for anyone suffering with IBS.)
  2. Surprisingly gives you shinny teeth by reducing plaque and bleeding caused by gingivitis.
  3. Gives you energy, wohoo
  4. Makes your hair nice and smooth, when used as a shampoo
  5. Clears your acne, when used as a face wash
  6. Improves sleep, specially when mixing it in milk before going to bed
  7. Helps reduce seasonal allergies, unless you’re allergic to bees or honey.  (Don’t eat this if you are!)
  8. Relieves soar throat, even those caused by strep
  9. Decreases inflammation in wounds or burns (when applied to directly.)
  10. Also, it just taste delicious. And if you take it in the mornings like I do, it will take away that yucky morning breath



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