A Girl From Foreign (Book Review) 

Who decided we could only belong to one religion? Is it because of contradicting beliefs or because humans are naturally clicky? The book A Girl From Foreign dives right into this dilemma. Sadia Shepard, a confused (to say the least) young woman, travels to India to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish to learn about her heritage. In the process, she must also deal with the issue of being part of the 3 major monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.) She struggles with her cultural identity and dating life all while learning about the Bene Israel, the small Jewish community her grandmother belong to. The Bene Israel, translated to “Sons of Israel,” has been around since the 12th century (or even earlier.) The story of the Bene Israel is quite…miraculous, I’d say. Sadias’s memoir is passionate, personal, and honestly, quite educational.


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