Is Frida Kahlo at the MFA? Debatable 

I’d hate to ever write anything bad about the MFA, seeing as that’s basically my second home. But, they’ve disappointed me. In fact, they even tricked me into thinking they had multiple works by Frida Kahlo. That, my friend, is a lie. At this new ongoing exhibition, Making Modern, they have one Frida Kahlo painting. That’s it. Just one. 

(Post about the whole Making Modern exhibit coming soon.) 

To understand my frustration, you must first understand my obsession with Friday Kahlo. I’ve been obsessed with her since I can remember. I made countless presentations about her in elementary school, dressed up like her more than I’d like to admit, and even gone so far as to sharpie a unibrow on my face to really pull off that distinctive Frida look. (I was very young, and yes, I did regret using a sharpie.)

So when I heard the MFA had aquired multiple Kahlo paintings, I grabbed my sketchbook and ran to the exhibit. So, yeah, I got really upset when I saw that there was only one painting at the Frida and Her Circle gallery. Here are the top reasons for my anger: 1. I couldn’t really put my foldable chair in front of the only painting and draw away, 2. I felt betrayed, and 3. they had a wide selection of  Diego Rivera paintings/drawings, and never even mentioned it in their marketing efforts!! And the fact that the gallery is called “Frida’s Circle,” like come on! No offense to all those newly-in-love-with-Frida people, but Rivera is WAY more famous. Trust me, I’m more than happy with Frida’s new fame, but we can’t just push away incredible artisit like Rivera. It’s seems to me that MFA has lost it, and unfortunately, fallen into the trend instead of making it. It’s quite upsetting. 


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