new foodie spot: mamaleh’s in cambridge 

A delicious Jewish deli just opened its doors in Kendall Square and you NEED to check it out asap. The restaurant is modern, but still maintains that typical deli-aesthetic. They’re not open for dinner yet, but breakfast and lunch are already so great. You can expect all the traditional Ashkenazi delicacies like borscht, matzah ball soup, pickled herring, pastrami, egg creams, lox and bagels, and so much more! Plus, they have a mini-store that feaures funny shirts, games, and traditional foods like tahini. (If you’re at all in to tahini, pleaseee get the tahini cookie got milk ice cream sandwhich, it will revolutionize your life.) FYI, they also have take-out. So if you’re not in the mood to schmooze, this is your place. 😉

P.S. Their bagels are top-notch!
P.P.S. Make sure to check out their website for your daily dose of Yiddish words!


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