How To Dry Lavender

I’ve been reminiscing about my summer vacations lately. And I have to say, the one in the Hamptons is still my favorite solo-one. (The best part being when I stumbled upon a huge Lavender field on my way back home.)  I’ve been drying my large batch of lavender for a while and figured it was time to share the easy how-to steps. 

  1. First, tie the stems together in either a huge batch or in small little ones. 
  2. Hang them upside down in a dark corner (like a closet.) I used hangers and a string to tie mine up. 
  3. Remove after 15 days or once the flowers have turned dark purple and fall easily. 
  4. And finally, spread the branches around your home or use the flowers to make some soap (or hey, even bake them into something yummy.)

What have you made with dried lavender? Comment below! 


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