4 reasons why the north shore is better off-season

with the weather getting warmer, rob and i have started to explore a little more of what new england has to offer. this past weekend, rob took me to gloucester and rockport, two fishing towns in what is referred to as cape ann. (and yes, also part of the north shore.) on the way up, as i was yelping and googleing like crazy on “things to do,” i quickly realized there might not be much to do this time of year. all the main attractions, like hammond castle and the sargent house are closed until memorial day weekend. i was pissed but, determined to make a good one-day trip out of it. once we arrived, i realized there really wasn’t anything to be mad about. turns out the north shore can be just as amazing in the off-season than in season. here’s why:


1. better weather

okay, so this might not be the case if you’re go during winter (january- march). but, if you go in late april, when it’s just starting to get nice, then you will really enjoy the nice breeze throughout your stay. it’s just warm enough that you won’t need your winter jacket but, cool enough that you won’t be sweating bullets as you walk through the town or hike in one of the beautiful state parks around the area.

the rest are based on the fact that there’s fewer tourist, which quite frankly, is the best. there’s nothing worse than dealing with a giant crowd of sweaty people all trying to get to the same place.

2. more food options

waiting in line with at a bar or restaurants is probably one of the most frustrating things on this planet. all i want to do is eat! with fewer visitors, you’ll have less (or possibly, even no) wait time. p.s. cape ann brewing co. in gloucester has a beer flight for $10. 😉

3. prime-time for serious photographers

fewer tourist means better pictures. why? because you get to go to the cutest towns and the most eye-catching lighthouses without the fear that people will get in your shot. plus, the sometimes cloudy lighting is ideal for portraits and landscapes.

4. more time to shop

while you might not be doing your “intense-shopping” here, i highly suggest strolling around the different towns when you get a chance. not only will you find delicious fudge and candy stores, you might also find adorable clothes and kitchen boutiques.

what’s your favorite part about the north shore (off or in season)?

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