new foodie spot: nextdoor cafe

where do you go if you’re looking for great asian food? chinatown? wrong. you go to allston. common man, it’s the home of super88, after all. and now, it’s the home of nextdoor cafe as well. nextdoor cafe is a newish cafe serving rolled ice cream, cube toast, and bubble tea. don’t be confused by hi b3ar, the other rolled ice cream shop in allston which opened not so long ago. here you will find bubble tea served in plastic light bulbs and get unlimited toppings on your rolled ice cream.

make sure you ask for your tea in a light bulb or you’ll be really disappointed with the normal glass they hand over. the basically have three sizes; light bulb, regular, and large. their flavors are the typically ones you might find at any other bubble tea – but their matcha is sweet and milky and i highly recommend it.

also getting ice cream? good choice, my friend! the cookie lovers ice cream – which i obviously got – has an oreo, chips ahoy cookie, and a wafer all smashed and then rolled into delicious ice cream. honestly, i’m already salivating again.

what’s your favorite bubble tea flavor? have you tried rolled ice cream yet? if so, from where? 


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