how to pack for iceland

i just come back from a spectacular nine-day trip to iceland with my boyfriend rob. we packed fairly well, but could have honestly still been a little more prepared. below you will find some pro tips on what to bring on your upcoming trip.

rain jacket: it rains, a lot! do yourself a favor and get a good jacket that will keep you warm and cool throughout your trip. if you have two, bring them both. it will give you some variation in pictures.

– an umbrella or a poncho won’t really work. the wind will most likely blow them away. (not kidding). an umbrella will really only be useful when you’re touring reykjavik.


rain pants: i saw a ton of people wearing rain pants or even a full rain suit throughout my trip. and honestly, i was quite jealous. hiking or even walking to our next destination became a little difficult when our pants were soaked. and hey, you’ll also be able to get super close to the waterfalls without worrying about your clothes.

flip-flops*: if you’re going to a nature bath, like blue lagoon or myvatn, i highly recommend bringing some flip-flops with you. you’ll want them as you walk to the pool through the public changing room.

towels*: and when you come out of the nature bath, you’re really going to wish for a dry towel to wrap yourself in.


hiking boots: this is probably the most important thing you’re going to bring/purchase. even if you’re only going to do small hikes, you will need sturdy boots to keep your ankles in tact and your feet warm and dry.


layers: the weather can change in an instant. if it says 50 degrees F for your entire stay, pack as if it will be 40 degrees. trust me on this one! bring as many warm layers as you have, thermal underwear, wool socks, you name it.


car charger: it’s likely that you will be spending a lot of time in the car, but even more likely that you’ll be using up your phone’s battery taking pictures of the amazing views. do yourself a favor and bring a charger with you or buy one before your trip. if you’re traveling with a big group, get one that has multiple usb ports.


*the blue lagoon offers free towels, bathrobes, and flip-flops when you purchase their premium ticket. this ticket also comes with one free drink at their in-water bar, an algae mask, and an optional reservation at their restaurant LAVA. if you’re planning on only going to the blue lagoon and purchasing the premium ticket, then obviously don’t bring towels/slippers. use that free space in your luggage for more warm layers!

do you think i’m missing something? let me know by commenting below!


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