four ways to save money on a road trip

if you’ve been following me on instagram, you may have noticed that i just came back from a nine-day road trip around iceland. the trip was spectacular. beyond the amazing sight-seeing, my boyfriend and i booked several different activities like atving, white water rafting, and horseback riding. that, plus the plane tickets, hotels, and car rental, was beginning to really empty out our wallets. so, although we made a pact to enjoy everything we could, we decided to go the cheaper route here and there and try our best to save. this is what i found worked.


1.stop at a grocery store

so you may have to op-out of some fancy, super instagram – worthy restaurants and coffee shops. trust me, i feel your pain. but your credit card will be thanking you later. get enough supplies that will either last you until the next supermarket or that will last you throughout your trip. here are my favorite non-perishable items:

-bread – get a loaf that’s already sliced so you can make sandwiches on the go and without a hassle.

-peanut butter – or any other type of nut butter that won’t need to be refrigerated.

-cookies/crackers – you can use crackers to eat with your peanut butter or alone. but you can also get yummy dessert cookies as a snack.

-tuna cans – in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a can of tuna. because you won’t be able to store condiments like mayo, purchase the cans that come in olive oil. and make sure to also get the cans that can be opened with your hand.

-fruit – something fresh and healthy is always important to have. opt for fruits like bananas, pears, and apples, which can be tossed and carried around easily.

-vegetables – gotta have your veggies too, don’t you think? get cans of corn, green beans, you name it and you’ll have a healthyish meal right at your hand. i like to put chili powder on my corn and eat it right from the can. (again, don’t forget to get cans that don’t need a can opener).

-cereal – just another snack or breakfast item that is easy to travel with. get a box of cereal that is easy to have without milk or a spoon, like cheerios or cinnamon toast crunch.

if you’re looking to get some more protein into your diet, i suggest getting enough slices of meet and cheese to make a sandwich whenever you can. remember that whatever you don’t eat will go to waste, so shop wisely. if it’s a big group, get a big pack of deli slices, if it’s just two of you, get the smallest pack you can find.

also, don’t forget to get some silverware to make your lunch-on-the-go as easy as possible. opt for bowls (which can be used as plates and bowls) and deep forks (which can be used for anything).


2.avoid buying things at a gas station 

gas stations usually rank up the prices on snacks and chargers. so unless your are dying of hunger, avoid getting anything here besides gas.

3.bring a refillable water bottle

not every country or state has the best tap water available, but if you happen to go to one that does, save yourself the water bottles and use a refillable bottle instead.


4.pack with anticipation

there’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot a hat, sunscreen, car charger, etc. make a list and pack way before your departure to make sure you aren’t missing anything. (p.s. see my packing list for iceland).

what road trips have you taken? any money saving advice you can share?


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