watermelon keg in 3 easy steps (+ cocktail recipe)

it’s officially summer, which means BBQs, beach days, and fruity cocktails. but why not spice up your next grilling session with a watermelon keg. yup, i said it. watermelon keg. now that’s what i call a summer party!

here’s what you will need to make it happen. 

if you don’t have a jar with a spout/tap, you can always just buy one at a local “make your own beer” shop or at bed bath & beyond. they also sell a watermelon keg tapping kit (which includes the apple corer) at bed bath – so you can go with either. a bowl, well i’m sure you have one of those, to put the watermelon insides in. and lastly, a juicy and large watermelon – it all depends on this little sucker.

watermelon keg.jpg

step 1: place the watermelon on its side so that it’s easy to cut. shave off a little on one side so that you can stand it up later. do it little by little so that you don’t cut too much of the watermelon. cut the other side, don’t shave it off, as this will be your lid. you want to cut into the watermelon (aka, see pink) in one swift movement.

step 2: put the “lid” on the side and begin to carve out the watermelon with a spoon. place the flesh into the clean bowl, you’ll need it for the cocktail later. carve until you’re two inches from the bottom and then stop. you’ll need that extra cushion to avoid any leaks. be careful not to carve beyond the pink section on the sides as well.

step 3: using a thin apple corer, core a hole just above the “two inch bottom” you created. place the spout through the hole and secure it from the inside. test it out by putting some water into the keg.

now it’s time for the recipe!

what you will need:

  • 10 oz vodka
  • 20 oz fresh watermelon juice
  • 10 oz lemonade
  • strainer
  • bowl
  • watermelon keg
  1. remember that bowl full of watermelon flesh? good, now lets use it. place a strainer over a bowl – then place half of the watermelon chunks into it. with your hands, squeeze the hell out of the chunks. get as much juice as you can before dumping the flesh and juicing the other half. you should have a little more than 20 oz of juice – if you don’t, you need to squeeze a little harder.
  2. place watermelon juice, vodka, & lemonade into the keg and stir.
  3. add ice when you are ready to serve.

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