a little adventure just outside of boston (sharon itinerary)

who knew the outskirts of boston were so awesome?! well, i’m sure everyone that grew up here did. unlike many of my colleagues, friends, and boyfriend, i’m still considered a newbie when it comes to new england. i don’t say “wicked”, and i sure as hell still can’t say “parked my car” with a boston accent. (although i’m not sure i really want to). it has almost been a year since my friend jenna and i rented a zip-car, drove down to sharon, ma, and discovered just what the suburbs really had to offer. so, with the awesome weather back again, it was time for me to go back to all the places i fell in love with last summer.

see my itinerary for a one-day adventure in boston’s south shore.

ward’s berry farm

this adorable little farm/grocery store has pick-your-own fruits/veggies year round. you can find everything from blueberries to pumpkins, depending on the time of year, of course. when picking berries, you can buy a small basket for $4 or go all out and get a box for $14. Its berry convenient (i just really wanted to make that pun).

lake massapoag

next stop: lunch. but where? a park? a picnic? Yes, please. grab a few sandwiches from the farm and take them over to the lake massapoag. there are quite a few trails you can take along the lake. so just pick one, and go for it. along the trails you will find park benches to sit at and enjoy your meal.

crescent ridge dairy farm 

last stop is dessert, of course. anyone from here will tell you that this is the place to go. (or so my boyfriend from the area says). but really, it’s quite cute! it’s one of those old fashioned, window ice cream shops with a farm as a backyard. grab a scoop and sit on the grass behind the shop for some good ol’ cow sightings. p.s. their scoops are huge – so you’d likely be good with just one.

are you from the area? what else would you recommend? comment below!


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