best way to keep strawberries fresh

rob had a really fun idea to go strawberry picking this past weekend. it was something summery and outdoors, so i was obviously down. plus, we really haven’t been able to make anything from the two strawberries our garden has yielded thus far [ugh].


anyhow, the strawberry picking was a huge success. if i had to guess, i would say we gathered about 7 pounds of berries. it’s fair to say that i was very overwhelmed when we got home with so much fruit. there was no chance i could bake or eat them within a week, so i used my handy vinegar wash to keep them fresh for 3+ weeks. (i’m not kidding, i’ve had blueberries from the grocery store last three and a half weeks. it was awesome.)

follow along through the steps, and i promised your strawberries will stay as fresh as when you first picked them.

while doing this process, there are really four rules you need to follow in order to ensure your strawberries remain fresher longer. first, as you wash your berries in vinegar, immediately dump out any that look a little mushy or are cut in any way. think of them as being contagious; if they have mold, your other berries will too. secondly, when you are air drying them or drying them with a paper towel, be very careful not to bruise them. thirdly, make sure they are completely dry before placing them in the fridge. the moisture will kill them faster and bring on the mold. which brings me to my last point, moisture is the devil here. get a container that lets your berries breathe a little. i really suggest oxo’s green saver containers, they’re an investment but are worth it.

have you found success using this tip? or have you discovered a new method? share below!


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