4 reasons why you should join forum nexus

My most recent trip to Europe wasn’t anything like my usual international outings. I didn’t plan anything besides my flight – which was a (new) super relaxing, worry and hassle-free experience. My mom teaches art history at forum nexus during the summer, which requires her to travel through Europe for five straight weeks. (nothing to complain about there, might I add!) Now what the hell is forum nexus? It’s a study abroad program that literally travels with you. They offer courses in film, photography, writing, art history, international business, and communications, all while traveling through 5+ countries. I decided to join her for a few days this summer and get to know her forum nexus family a little more. Hence why I didn’t have to plan anything in advanced.

Having gone on a few summer and semester abroad programs during my college years, I can tell you that this one is really special. Here are 4 reasons why.

travel the world: There isn’t many times in life where you get to travel without a worry in the world. Take it from someone who graduated college not so long ago. Those summer and winter breaks end the second you graduate school and get yourself a nine-to-five job. Those jobs can be awesome, but if you wish to explore what this planet has to offer, they don’t necessary give you enough time off to do so. If you’re school doesn’t have a study abroad program, or if you’re looking to visit more than one area in short period – this program is for you.

get college credit: This one is a biggie, especially if you’re looking to get something out of your summer. Their credits transfer to over 200 or more universities, which makes life much easier. Plus, the classes they offer not only educational, but timely. You’ll learn how the European Union has affected businesses in Spain while visiting Barcelona. Or how the Impressionist movement began while staying in Paris.

eat yummy food: Any time you travel, you’re not only going to see incredible things, you’re going to eat incredible things. Even if you’re not a foodie at heart, you’ll get the chance to experience the world through your palate. Eat the best macarons in Paris, the creamiest gelato in Rome, and the freshest olives in Greece.

meet interesting people: Besides my mom, of course, you’ll get a chance to meet people from all over. Hugo, who’s the program director and a professor at forum nexus, is a quirky, genuine, and caring character. He’ll get on the bus, blast some music, dance, and scream “this is forum nexus” – just to wake up the crew and get everyone excited for their next destination. The students who join the program are also pretty incredible – some come from the US and Canada, while others come from Asia and the Middle East. Think about the global connections you can make here!

Are you thinking of studying abroad? What’s something on your wish-list?   

Learn more about Forum Nexus here!




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