All About Me

To explain myself is pretty impossible—not because I think I’m super complicated or interesting, but because self-explorations always take a lAbout Meittle more effort. It’s like a self-portrait. You look at yourself in the mirror and try to jot down what you see. But somehow, it never comes out exact. Well, I guess we can start from there: I love to paint, draw and photograph. I experience the world through my eyes and enjoy capturing its beauty in any way I can. I like to philosophize on random things and get lost in the “what is the meaning of life.”

I’m originally from Mexico City and moved to Miami when I was eight. I owe my passion of art, food, and travel to my family—who has so generously dragged me around the world and back. I’ve been living in Boston for over 6 years now. (Wow!) Join me as I discover the best art exhibits, local restaurants, recipes, and trips.

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Samantha Cohen

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