New Art Exhibits

Janet Echelman ‘As If It Were Already There’ @ Rose Kennedy Greenway

As If It Were Already There Echelman has given Downtown Boston a great new arial sculpture. The renowned artists is known for her rope-made sculptures, which are inspired by the wind, water and lights. The beautiful orange and red ropes moves gracefully in the wind and spectacularly light up at night. The sculpture will be up from May until October 2015. Head on over during lunch break to enjoy the food trucks and the great art.

Harvard Art Museum

Harvard Art MuseumHarvard has done a amazing thing for all the art-geeks out there by renovating and opening up the Harvard Art Museum on 32 Quincy Street this November. The new museum combines the Fogg Museum, the Busch-Reisinger Museum and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum into a beautiful white and modern building. The lower level features a great selection of contemporary art and a cafe, while the upper levels moves on to Asian and Buddhist art, European and more.


Older Stuff

Gail Jerauld ‘Bos Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ @ Muddy River Park

Children's Chair ProjectGail Jerauld Bos has created hundreds of small chairs representing different children and their cultures. Variations of this exhibit are scattered throughout Boston. The artist hopes to communicate the importance of children in our community. The picture features an the installation in the Muddy River park outside of MFA. Termination date is unknown, but be sure be on the lookout for his other pieces!

‘Fiber: Sculptures 1960-Present’ @ The Institute of Contemporary Art

FiberA culmination of thirty four artist into one spectacular exhibition. Colorful, abstract and intriguing sculptures crafted using some sort of thread, cotton or fiber are distributed strategically throughout the gallery. The art is light and fun, yet extremely deep and interesting.  Exhibition is open from October 1, 2014  through January 4, 2015.


Goya ‘Order and Disorder’ @ Museum of Fine Arts

GoyaA once in a lifetime opportunity to see an almost complete collection of Goya’s best work. The famous Spanish art is displayed and divided by eight categories like Religion, Children and Old Age. Many rare and beautiful drawings that have not been displayed in Boston since 1989 are now shinning through in this spectacular show. Don’t miss out, exhibition showing from October 12, 2014 to January 19, 2015.

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