memory unearthed: the lodz ghetto photographs of henryk ross

holocaust memorials, books, and films have always been of interest to me. every since my great grandmother shared her story with me i’ve been in complete awe. to understand such a complex and utter hatred for another human being is really just… incomprehensible. the museum of fine arts boston has a really incredible exhibit currently in view. it’s not cool or hip, but it’s important and eye-opening, … Continue reading memory unearthed: the lodz ghetto photographs of henryk ross

A Girl From Foreign (Book Review) 

Who decided we could only belong to one religion? Is it because of contradicting beliefs or because humans are naturally clicky? The book A Girl From Foreign dives right into this dilemma. Sadia Shepard, a confused (to say the least) young woman, travels to India to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish to learn about her heritage. In the process, she must also deal with the issue … Continue reading A Girl From Foreign (Book Review) 

New Approaches to Old Paintings

Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer @ MFA (Museum of Fine Arts Boston) It’s funny how things always seem to come together in the strangest way. Today, as I thought about writing this post (which I’ve intended to write for quite some time), I also began to read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. If you’ve read this book, or seen the cover … Continue reading New Approaches to Old Paintings

The Perfect Summer Book

Good morning Bostonians, wanna read an amazingly entertaining, heartwarming, and relatable book? Check out The Boston Girl; a book about a Jewish girl growing up in the North End during the early 20th century. Anita Diamant, who is famous for writing The Red Tent, creates an incredible story about family, friends and feminism. The story is told through they eyes of Addie Baums as she shares her life with her granddaughter. … Continue reading The Perfect Summer Book

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

This frigid winter has me wishing I were Elsa. She’s a princess, has awesome powers, and [most importantly] immune to the cold. What more could a girl want? However, it’s not the cold that affects me. It is everything that comes with it—the closing of the T, not being able to walk with ease, stores closing early, classes canceled. You get it. I love exploring … Continue reading The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

A Thrift Shop Just For Books

Truth be told: Macklemore pops up in my head every time I think of a thrift shop. Who doesn’t, really? But as much as I love thrift shops, I rarely buy anything. I guess the idea of wearing a stranger’s clothes is not so appealing to me. But nonetheless, I enjoy going to see my options. Who knows, maybe I’ll find that super-cute-summer-dress I’ve been … Continue reading A Thrift Shop Just For Books