Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge 

A delicious Jewish deli just opened its doors in Kendall Square and you NEED to check it out asap. The restaurant is modern, but still maintains that typical deli-aesthetic. They’re not open for dinner yet, but breakfast and lunch are already so great. You can expect all the traditional Ashkenazi delicacies like borscht, matzah ball soup, pickled herring, pastrami, egg creams, lox and bagels, and … Continue reading Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge 

Making Modern at the MFA

The Americas Wing at the MFA has never really been my favorite. Partly, because a huge section of it has been under construction for quite some time. That section, located on the third floor of the Wing, has officially opened to the public as of last month. This space, now called Making Modern, features 28 modern artistis   including Picasso, Pollock, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’keeffe. … Continue reading Making Modern at the MFA

All You Need To Know About Nantucket 

My aunt and uncle invited me to go to Nantucket for the weekend last month. What I thought would be a nice little vacay, turned out to be an incredible adventure! To start off, we flew out of Boston in one of those mini airplanes. It was basically our own private jet, considering 6 out of the 7 passengers were part of my family. We … Continue reading All You Need To Know About Nantucket 

Is Frida Kahlo at the MFA? Debatable 

I’d hate to ever write anything bad about the MFA, seeing as that’s basically my second home. But, they’ve disappointed me. In fact, they even tricked me into thinking they had multiple works by Frida Kahlo. That, my friend, is a lie. At this new ongoing exhibition, Making Modern, they have one Frida Kahlo painting. That’s it. Just one.  (Post about the whole Making Modern exhibit … Continue reading Is Frida Kahlo at the MFA? Debatable