matisse in the studio

matisse, picasso, braque… we all know and love them. but, have we every sat down to think about what really inspired them? i’m not talking about emotionally or historically (although those are important, too). i’m talking about the actual objects that caught their eye. to us, a chair is just something to sit on. to matisse, it meant something completely different. through matisse in the studio, an exhibit … Continue reading matisse in the studio

new foodie spot: nextdoor cafe

where do you go if you’re looking for great asian food? chinatown? wrong. you go to allston. common man, it’s the home of super88, after all. and now, it’s the home of nextdoor cafe as well. nextdoor cafe is a newish cafe serving rolled ice cream, cube toast, and bubble tea. don’t be confused by hi b3ar, the other rolled ice cream shop in allston which opened … Continue reading new foodie spot: nextdoor cafe

6 reasons why you should get a fenway victory garden

not more than a month ago, rob and i applied (and got – yay!) a plot at the fenway victory gardens. i’ve been wanting one of those plots for over a year, so this was a huge deal. the application process isn’t terribly difficult, you just have to make sure you’ll be available for their “new application sessions.” but before even getting into that small-ish detail, … Continue reading 6 reasons why you should get a fenway victory garden

new foodie spot: foodie asylum

foodie asylum is a hip, new shop for foodie addicts. it opened its doors in march in the cute little neighborhood of brookline. this place is foodie heaven. not only will you find some of your favorite brands like dave’s coffee and bushwick kitchen, you will also be able to instagram all you’d like. the place is picture-perfect with its natural lighting, white walls, and beautifully … Continue reading new foodie spot: foodie asylum

4 reasons why the north shore is better off-season

with the weather getting warmer, rob and i have started to explore a little more of what new england has to offer. this past weekend, rob took me to gloucester and rockport, two fishing towns in what is referred to as cape ann. (and yes, also part of the north shore.) on the way up, as i was yelping and googleing like crazy on “things to do,” i … Continue reading 4 reasons why the north shore is better off-season

Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge 

A delicious Jewish deli just opened its doors in Kendall Square and you NEED to check it out asap. The restaurant is modern, but still maintains that typical deli-aesthetic. They’re not open for dinner yet, but breakfast and lunch are already so great. You can expect all the traditional Ashkenazi delicacies like borscht, matzah ball soup, pickled herring, pastrami, egg creams, lox and bagels, and … Continue reading Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge