Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge 

A delicious Jewish deli just opened its doors in Kendall Square and you NEED to check it out asap. The restaurant is modern, but still maintains that typical deli-aesthetic. They’re not open for dinner yet, but breakfast and lunch are already so great. You can expect all the traditional Ashkenazi delicacies like borscht, matzah ball soup, pickled herring, pastrami, egg creams, lox and bagels, and … Continue reading Spotted: Mamaleh’s in Cambridge 

Spotted: Bee’s Knees Supply Co. in Allston

An extremly trendy cafe/gourmet market & deli has just opened it’s doors in Allston, and the neighborhood couldn’t be happier. Bee’s Knees Supply Co. opened about a month, replacing the good ol’ Joshua Tree. It’s truly a perfect addition to Allston. A wonderful place to get quick groceries, have a cup of coffee, a filling sandwich, or even a cute little pet plant to decorate the … Continue reading Spotted: Bee’s Knees Supply Co. in Allston

Spotted: Ogawa Coffee in Downtown

If you’re in need of a major caffeine boost, head over to Ogawa Coffee and get their Signature Drink (pictured here), which includes a small cappuccino and a cold espresso served in a fancy cocktail glass. I went over to get a cup of joe a while ago, when it first opened, but completely forgot to post about it. Oops, sorry guys. Their Signature Drink was … Continue reading Spotted: Ogawa Coffee in Downtown

Spotted: Boston Public Market

The much-awaited Boston Public Market has finally opened on the edge of Downtown and the North End. It resembles many international markets like Barcelona’s Boqueria Market or Budapest’s Nagy Vasarcsarnok. Although, I have to admit, Boston’s Market is much smaller. When you first walk in (through the Hanover St entrance), you are immediately greeted with Bon Me and a farmer’s shop with beautiful sunflowers and fresh vegetables. As you … Continue reading Spotted: Boston Public Market

Spotted: PAUL in Downtown Boston

The famous and amazing french pastry chain has finally come to downtown Boston! They opened May 11 and are now officially in full force. The medium-sized restaurant is tucked away underneath the very tall BNY Mellon Center at One Boston Place. PAUL features great on-the-go sandwiches and baked good, casual indoor and outdoor seating as well as a full-service restaurant. It’s opened seven days a week from 6:30am … Continue reading Spotted: PAUL in Downtown Boston

Spotted: Pure Cold Press Juice & Salad Bar

Coolidge corner is of my favorite places in Brookline. They have everything from old movie theaters, great cafes, amazing bagels and falafels. Yet for a while now they have been missing something vital, something so necessary. I’m talking about cold pressed juice, duh. Sure we can all hop on the T and head downtown for some of that or just go to the nearest Whole Foods. … Continue reading Spotted: Pure Cold Press Juice & Salad Bar