5 Super Cool Facts About Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is filled with a ton history, art, and culture. There is so much to know about this one place and I’ll be honest, I’m no expert. However, I did go on a two-day adventure jam-packed with food and activities, so I’m pretty confident on the things I learned throughout. Here you will find 5 super awesome facts about Montreal as well as some traveling tips and … Continue reading 5 Super Cool Facts About Montreal, Quebec

The *Maine* Attractions in Portland 

Life is all about the adventures you take and the memories you make.  My friend Hilary and I got ourselves a zip car and made our way up to Portland, Maine a few months ago. It was a one-day adventure, but it was awesome. I never got around to writing a post about it, but hey – I’m doing it now, aren’t I? We did … Continue reading The *Maine* Attractions in Portland 

All You Need To Know About Nantucket 

My aunt and uncle invited me to go to Nantucket for the weekend last month. What I thought would be a nice little vacay, turned out to be an incredible adventure! To start off, we flew out of Boston in one of those mini airplanes. It was basically our own private jet, considering 6 out of the 7 passengers were part of my family. We … Continue reading All You Need To Know About Nantucket 

Hiking Just Outside of Boston

The summer gives us a perfect opportunity to get our workout clothes, some comfy shoes and head over to the mountains. Wether you’re an experienced hiker, or just looking for a nature stroll, the Blue Hills Reservation is a THE spot. A friend and I decided to head over here last Friday on a search for some breathtaking panoramic views and a good exercise. The easiest … Continue reading Hiking Just Outside of Boston

JFK’s Library and Museum

Did you know every US President after Roosevelt gets their own “library and museum?” Well, apparently they do. The Presidential Libraries Act says that they must fund their own and then the government will pay for the upkeep. A presidential library might sound a little boring, but it’s really more of a museum to commemorate the presidents. Lucky for us who reside in Boston, JFK’s … Continue reading JFK’s Library and Museum