spend a weekend in europe without leaving boston

Boston has always reminded me of Europe, likely because of its pedestrian-friendly streets and beautiful modern/historic architecture. Its resemblance is the reason I fell in love with this city to begin with. I always dream about being back in Europe. But let’s be realistic for a sec, I can’t just hop on a flight after work one day just to get my favorite dessert from … Continue reading spend a weekend in europe without leaving boston

new foodie spot: pvdonuts

I cannot even begin to express how excited I was when I woke up this past Saturday morning. It was finally time to drive down to Providence and get a few of the famous PVDonuts. Rob and I had planned out the entire day based around the donut shop. We’d pick up a few donuts, go blueberry picking in Newport, and end the day at … Continue reading new foodie spot: pvdonuts

nine-day trip to iceland (itinerary & map)

a lot of people have been asking me to send them my iceland itinerary, so i figured i might as well post it here. my trip was a total of nine days, which was enough time to get around the entire island. however, we did have two extra days in reykjavik, so if you need to make it a seven-day trip, i don’t think you … Continue reading nine-day trip to iceland (itinerary & map)

a little adventure just outside of boston (sharon itinerary)

who knew the outskirts of boston were so awesome?! well, i’m sure everyone that grew up here did. unlike many of my colleagues, friends, and boyfriend, i’m still considered a newbie when it comes to new england. i don’t say “wicked”, and i sure as hell still can’t say “parked my car” with a boston accent. (although i’m not sure i really want to). it … Continue reading a little adventure just outside of boston (sharon itinerary)

four ways to save money on a road trip

if you’ve been following me on instagram, you may have noticed that i just came back from a nine-day road trip around iceland. the trip was spectacular. beyond the amazing sight-seeing, my boyfriend and i booked several different activities like atving, white water rafting, and horseback riding. that, plus the plane tickets, hotels, and car rental, was beginning to really empty out our wallets. so, … Continue reading four ways to save money on a road trip

how to pack for iceland

i just come back from a spectacular nine-day trip to iceland with my boyfriend rob. we packed fairly well, but could have honestly still been a little more prepared. below you will find some pro tips on what to bring on your upcoming trip. rain jacket: it rains, a lot! do yourself a favor and get a good jacket that will keep you warm and cool throughout your … Continue reading how to pack for iceland